These carpets from Argentina North West are used since the Incas period. Kamyno's carpet selection is only made of vintage pieces (most of them are not visible on our website). Use them for home decoration as carpets, thick plaids, sofa rugs, bedside rugs, etc. You can also think of using them outside, in your garden, for a confortable anc chic rest in the shadow.

By the way, where does come from this tradition of andinian carpets ?


Colourful patterns they are made of are historically used to traduce a social position, group belonging, or key life periods. They are uniques, and made with taste and soul of their creator, very often for personal usage.


Very thick and resistant, they are 100% hand made, and tinted with natural pigments. About 3 kilos of wool are required for each piece confection.

Each « manta » is made of two fabric strips, sewn together on the length way.


On some very few pieces, it is posible to see man and woman names sewn. It is told that future husbands associated their two families, both of them working on one side of the carpet. These old pieces are priceless...