Kamyno could not stay anymore with no cowhide rugs in its catalogue. It tooks us two years, but we now can propose you our best selection...

Cowhide rugs are a classic of the Argentinian decoration, and one of the country's symbols.

It contributes to a warm atmosphere, suiting both for country residences and modern interiors.

More than simple carpets, you can lay them on the ground, in your living, office or bedroom, use them as bed foot or under a table, on a wood floor or carpet, on your sofa and even on walls. Our cowhide rugs can also be used for upholstery.


We select our cowhide rugs for their quality, their exoctic aspect, and the large range of colors and sizes.

YOU RECEIVE THE PRODUCT THAT YOU SEE ON THE PICTURE (high resolution pictures available on demand).

What must you know about Kamyno cowhide rugs ?




Most of the re-sellers provide an approximative length and width, and an idea of the surface.

The surface of each skin is measured by professionals, with lazer technology providing very precise measures. 

We do not re-cut our cowhide rugs after selecting them, so we are able to provide you the exact surface.

In addition to the surface, we provide you the 4 following measures, that we took ourselves :


























Cowhide rugs are quite dificult to shoot... but we tryed to do a bit better than what we usually find on the Internet. Despite our efforts, our skins remains much more beautiful for real than on our pictures, which is rarly the case for most products. They are globally mor colorful and shining.



To take these pictures, we had to climb 4 meters high, to obtain a zenital vue... and at this height, the potential irregularites of symmetry cuts can be noticed much more than at shoulder-high.

In a living, under a table or in the middle of the room, the skins are more harmonious, and we only focus on shining hairs and colors intensity.

We then decided to select bigger skins, offering larger surfaces, with potential symmetry irregularities that never affect the esthetic quality looked for.



They are due to the time they spent folded. These folds will progressively disappear when layed on flat ground.

The only fold that might stay is for the largest specimens, along the neck, because the animal has more skin in this part of the body.

Some manufacturers cut the neck shorter to avoid it, modifying significantly the porportion of the skin.

We prefered once again, to select larger skins, with a more authentic looking.

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