Polo dog leather collar from Argentina, manually embroidered, Blue Red
Polo dog leather collar from Argentina, manually embroidered, Pink Grey



New : small size collection
(Jack Rusell, Fox Terrier, Teckel, etc.)


Kamyno's embroidered dog leather collars and leads are one of the most known clothing polo symbol and argentine handicraft, for your dog. It also includes traditional gaucho patterns, as the "guarda pampa". All our dog collars and leads are delivered with their individual blue gunny bag, and its clasp lace.

By the way, how are made our polo leads and collars ?


There are various steps required to produce our polo belts. It can take about 3h of experimented craftman to make one piece


First, buying the thickest and supplest premium leathers. This step is crucial, and requires close support from our supplier. We choose our leather with him, directly to the tannery. Each skin is then cutted into 25 mm thongs. Marked thongs are removed.


Each selected thong are introduced into a machine to be smoothed down, and make the edge round, and give it a more refined aspect. Belts edges are then painted manually.


Thongs are then pressed, to cut them to appropriate length, make the holes, print the logo, and cut the path to embroider. Size is marked inside the belts, close to the buckle.


Then buckle must be swen or riveted, and belts is sent to be embroidered to a dedicated workshop. We decided to keep the original buckle style, as for our belts. Colourful strings that made the reputation of these polo collars and leads are made of ultra-resistant polyester.


Professional craftmen will take up to 2h to fulfill the complete embroidery of each piece. This step is crucial for us, and we make no concession on quality level.


We are proud to propose you today this product, at the best market price.