The par of Kamyno's gaucho meat cutlery is an accessory very representative of Argentinian handicraft, the gaucho culture and Argentina's tradition. Those gaucho meat cutlery are conceived to cut thick pieces of meat, like T-bones, roastbeefs, fowl, pouldry, and other thick cuts that Argentinians love. In addition of being useful, they are entirely hand made, with noble materials, because the "meat's culture" is predominant, and a good "asador" must bear a beautiful par of meat cutlery, that he will be able to use proudly almost every week end.

The blade is manually forged, 18 cm long, made of 1045 carbon steel, worldwide known for its resistance and easy way to sharp, very apreciated by knives lovers. Combined with its two arms fork, this gaucho knife enables fast and practical cut of any meat.

Knives lovers will immediatly recognize the caracteristics of the Argentinin gaucho cutlery. The "criolla" shape of the blade first. Also, handles are made of cow bones, thicks and ergonomics, then polished for usage comfort. Handles extremities are made of wood and bronze. The knife is delivered with its traditional leather sheath, in its wood box. 

When it's time to offer a lovely meat to your guests, isn't it nice cutting it with a beautiful par of cutlery... 


By the way, what is an asado ?


The asado is the essence of argentinian "art de vivre". It consists in the ritual to cook meat with embers.  This argentinian "barbecue" is very popular in the countryside, but also in cities. It's a social event very important, the opportunity to spend good moments between friends or in familiy.


Key rule is simple, letting cook for a long time, with low ember heat some thick pieces of meat. The « asador » prepares embers few hours before starting cooking. He uses very dense wood, typicaly the "quebracho", that will burn slowly and provides an hight calorific power. Grills and "crosses" are disposed all around the firebox, never on it. 


When embers are ready, the "asador" pick them up with a shovel, and sprinkle them bellow each grill. Meat is disposed on grills according to cooking time required, so that everything can be served at the same time.  New embers are added regularly to maintain a long and low cooking.


2 to 3 hours later, feast is ready, and each guest as a choice between 5 to 10 different meat cuts. The most appreciated cow for "asados" is the "Angus", very well known in the US, UK and of course Argentina. Choosen cuts are usualy quite marbled, which means with lot of fat well disaminated inside muscles. This type of meat is particulary adapted to long cooking, that preserves tenderness and sublimates the taste. Argentinians are also very fond of blood sausages (morcilla) and offals, like sweetbreads (mollejas) and intestines (chinchulines), that they put on the grill with the meat.

After such regalement, it's part of the tradition to aplause the "asador" and thank him for his exellent job. A true feast not to be missed.

Very good example of and Argentinian asado, where we can see  how useful iis a par of huge gaucho meat cutlery. It must also beautiful, to celebrate the meat...