These decorative objects are one of the almost unknow jewels of the argentinian handicraft. These wichi baskets are another Kamyno's must have, from Argentina. Originals and of the highest quality, these unique pieces are now considered as art pieces, perfect in your living, eating room or bedroom. You can use them as baskets, jewel trays, table centers, wall elements, coin trays or other small storage baskets.

By the way, were do come from these rare pieces ?


They are hand made by the the Wichi indians from the Chaco State, in Argentina's North West, from a plant called "chaguar".


"Chaguar" is a sort of Aloé Vera, from which fibers are manually extracted, and that allow the fabrication of a natural and very resistant string. This natural string enables from centuries the manufacture of fabrics the require the Wichis for their subsistance. These fabrics can be used for a wide variety of baskets, bags, jewels, clothes and other small decorative objects.


The "chaguar" weaving is an ancestral and identity savoir-faire of the Wichi communities, promoted today by few cooperatives. Each piece requires hours of labor, a long learning process and accurate knowledge to select apropriate "chaguar" plants.


Only Wichi women dedicate to this art handicraft, for functional purpose.

They first select the apropriate "chaguar" specimens, according to the type of fiber they require, which depends of the product nature they need to work on.

Each "chaguar" stem is selected, cut, and barked to extract the fiber contained inside. Fiber is collected and assembled, moistened, scrubed and rinsed to withdraw all impurities. Fibers are then sun dryed, which enables to whiten them.

Dry fibers are sorted by size, and assembled for the string confection. Fiber filaments are superposed one on another, and one beside the other, then manually twisted, and scrubed with ashes. Ash is a natural binder, that preserve the fiber on the long term, and gives a light smoked smell. 


String bobbins are tinted with natural pigments, mainly fruits, roots, leafs and barks.


Weaving is made on rudimentary looms, that the Wichis manage perfectly from centuries.


After few month searching for pieces of exeption, Kamyno is proud to present you his first sample of the extraordinary Wichi savoir-faire from Argentina.