Kamyno's collection of secrets wood boxes from Argentina is a true "coup de coeur". They will intrigue your guests for their apparent sobriety, the quality of exotic grains selected, and the unusal secret opening mecanism, and ingenious savoir-faire used for their manufacturing.

By the way, what is the history of this amazing object ?


It is first the history of meeting an exeptional and passionate craftman, and the discovery of these unusal wood boxes, for which you must first understand the secret to open them.

True decoration and collection objects, you can use them for many purposes, as secret boxes, jewels chests and other storage purpose


That's in 1989 that our friend has invented this ingenious secret opening mecanism, with integrated drawers, made of one unique piece of wood. No metallic part is used.

He estabished in Buenos Aires, where he has his workshop. In 24 years, he was able to produce only 7000 of these secret wood boxes, all unique, numbered and signed. He ships them today all over the world for some regular clients.


He chooses the most interesting exotic wood grains across Argentina, with each time a precise idea of how he will highlight their perfections or imperfections. His favorite species are all natives from Argentina.

The savoir-faire required to make these exotic boxes is huge. Some species must dry for 10 years, other 5, and this on theory... To be processed, each species requires a specific humidity degree, which if not reached make the piece unusable.


We are very proud to propose you today these objects, and hope you will be able to appreciate their true value.