Kamyno collection of small kitchen horn cutlery is exeptional for its unique character et grain quality, representative of the Argentinian horn.

Our collection is both modern and timeless. They will bring to your table an unusual coutryside touch. 

You will find many possible usage for each model, such as spices and salt spreading, cheese cutting, honey and marmelade spreading, tea or coffee picking and many more.

The most difficult is to choose your colors...


By the way, how do we work horn ?


Horn works are historically quite developed in Argentina. Kamyno gives today a place of honour to horn table arts, decoration objects and small accesories.


The most beautiful grains and colours are made of the oldest animal horns, bullocks that are still used to work to the countryside, in the most remoted states of Argentina. Local species diversity enables to obtain a wide colour range, very specific to Argentina. 

It goes from white to black, beige and ochre, light yellow, oranged brown, green tips, and including "turtle scale" and all their transparent and marbled declinaisons.


Manufacturing steps for the smallest spoon are various, all achived by one unique craftman. First, cut the entire horn in the length way, soften it in a boiling fat recipient, flatten it by pressing it into a vice, leave it cool down, cut every horn slab with dedicated pattern, soften it again in boiling fat, press the spoon head into a curved vice that will give the appropriate shape, cool it down, polish it 4 times with different paper grains, then polish it up with a soft brush and special soap.


With our current collection, we wish to contribute to give back to horn works the place of honour they deserve, for being a bit mistreated recently, with their vulgarization.

100% Argentina's raw material rarity, its exeptional quality and modern design, make of each piece a unique object, carrying signs of animal life and its biotope.