By the way, how do we customize our knives ?


Kamyno entrusted one of the greatest argentinian craftman to customize a small and exclusive gaucho knife serie in Argentina. We hope you will have time to discover and apreciate the exeptional quality of his work. A long workshop day is required to customize each piece.

Our craftman first has the responsability to choose an apropriate piece of deer antler, that will determine the global shape for the stick.

He cuts the deer antler to required dimensions, and polish the exterior layer, brown and pearlized. We obtain a white and smooth antler. 

According to the model required, our friend will burn the overall piece of antler with a blowtorch. The more he burns it, the more it comes brown. This enables to provide various tones of brown, from beige to dark, one the same piece.

The last step is sculpting, made with a small milling machine, and many tips sizes. The craftman puts is imagination at work, and lets appear the whiteness of the antler, taking off the brown layer obtained with the blowtorch. He can then use again the blow torch to give some more beige color to the piece.

Kamyno is very proud to present you this article today, hand made to the other world extremity by a great artist.

Kamyno's selection of gaucho knives is very representative of gaucho handicraft. Just as France, Argentina is what we can call a "knives country". The most emblematic argentinian knife usually has a traditional "criolla" blade, with this very particular shape, though for daily gaucho uses (outside tool, cutting meat, self defense, etc.). Knives are also a compulsory ceremonial object, during the traditional village feasts, when they can proudly parade, riding horse in the village streets. The second attribute of a true gaucho knife is the leather sheath, with a frontal strip, allowing usage on the belt, mostly in the back.


Regional gaucho knives


They are probably the most authentics, the ones that most knives lovers have in mind when they think about gaucho knives. 

These knives are very popular in Argentina, but it took us months to find the best craftmen, that would accept to let us select each piece one by one, when most of them sell you knives in bulk, dedicated to local market, less "stricts" on finitions.

Each Kamyno' knife has been stricly selected and controled, respecting our high quality standards philosophy.


Handles are made of various materials : deer antler, exotic and noble woods, cow bones, nandu fingers (local ostrich), peludo tail (small tatu), etc. 

Our blades have the traditional "criolla" shape, 12, 14 or 16 cm, 1045 carbon steel.

Leather sheath have the traditional shape to.


Caracteristics of 1045 carbon steel


This steel is worldwide known, as one of major cutlery standards.

It is quemically and phisically less hard than inox steels, in which some chrome is added, for hardness, and submited to various heating treatments, for hardness and suppleness.

1045 carbon steel is supple and resistant, easy to sharp. As any other sharpened knife, it must be used on a supple support, like wood, and never on ceramic plates, glass dishes, marbele, etc. which would prematurely wear the edge. 

Properly used, the edge of our 1045 carbon steel last for months, and more. Some specialists prentend it "auto-sharps" in contact with aliments and wood. Our grand fathers sharpened it on paper craft...

We must admit that after months testing our blades, on a daily basis in the kitchen, the result is bluffing.


Carbon steel blades require a bit of care

1045 carbon steel is the one among standards with the smallest proportion of carbon, which factually expose it much less to oxydation.

Clean and dry well the blade after using it. It will burnish a bit after first usages, and with time, get a beautiful aspect, exactly like our grand parents knives, much appreciated by knives lovers.


Sculpted deer antler gaucho knives


Those knives are pieces of exeption, for knives lovers and collectioners.

We handled months of negotiation with the artist to adquire the most beautiful pieces, and propose them at a reasonable price.

Each knife is unique and signed by the Argentinian artist. Handle is made of deer antler, sculpted and burned. The blade has the typical "criolla" shape, 12 cm, made of high quality inox steel. Cutting edge has razor performance. The sheath is made of leather, thick and supple, with fine topstitches as ornaments.


Argentinian "skinners" 


Skinner knives are not properly Argentinian, but we had a true "coup de coeur" for those knives, and the craftman who makes them, with passion. We have been seduced by the extremely sober aspect of this knife, with no flourish details, the wood beauty, the exellent blade quality, and practicity of the leather sheath.

This Argentinian knife is specially made for meat cutting (blade shape), with a handle made of dense wood, Tintitaco (Prosopis Torquata). It offers a rustic aspect because recycled, aged and brunished by the long years used outside, exposed to bad weather. Both sides of the handle are fixed on the blade with thin alpaca rivets, dicrets. The handle is thick, ergonomic and heavy in the hand.

The blade measures 12 cm, 35 mm wide, renowned AISI 420 MoV inox steel blade, entierly hand made, with double heating treatment for both solidity and suppleness. The blade is delivered with razor performance.

The leather sheath is taylor made for each piece, with a belt loop.