Raw leather work is the argentinian gaucho savoir-faire by exellence. Kamyno leather key rings opening mecanism is made of one loop, and one button. Appart the bronze ring ornament, there is absolutly no metalic or synthetic parts in our key rings. Gauchos still use this technic for saddlery.

By the way, what is raw leather ?













Raw leather work is by exellence the argentinian handicraft savoir-faire. Firstly, because of material, a raw leather, vegetaly taned, of beige color, almost white, the original leather color. Our braids are fixed around a leather thong to give the key ring the required rigidity, and on each key ring's tip, one loop and on button, as opening mecanism, both made of plaited leather.


Because of the huge surface of Argentina "estancias" (farming properties) in the XIXth century, and their long distance from towns, traditional "gauchos" (argentinian cow boys) had almost no access to tanneries. For the good working of estancias, it was required a huge variety of saddleries, with autonomy and robustness as top priorities.


Progressively, at the occasion of the various local anual festivities, the richest farmers started to work on the leather esthetics, for horse and riders ornaments.


Top level argentinian craftmans that work today raw leather are considered true jewellers, uncontested masters of leather braids and saddlery.


To valorisate this art, you must understand the particularly high number of hours required to make each piece. You must firt obtain a very thin leather leaf, sometime of half milimeter, cut one by one each leather string, tint them with natural pigments, proceed to a very thin braiding work, and include when required various ornaments shapes, and all this only hand made.

Double the number of strings per braid, and you multiply by four the production time... and so on and so forth.


Our small accesories are made specialy for Kamyno, by craftsmen considered today as Argentina's bests. They will confer to their owner this little refined touch than others have not...

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