Terms and conditions


General sales terms and conditions described bellow give the details of rights and obligations, for both Kamyno and our clients, in the context of mail order selling on Kamyno.fr.

The fact to place an order to Kamyno on Kamyno.fr involves that you accept our General sales terms and conditions.

Kamyno is commited to strictly respect the current French regulations that apply for mail order selling, but also to provide maximum transparency and good relationship with its clients.


#1-About Kamyno

Kamyno is an individual enterprise, created on 2014 and covered by the French auto-entrepreneur laws. It has for vocation mail order selling across the world of fashion articles, decoration and table arts hand made in Argentina.

Kamyno is specialised on mail order selling, and has no physical shop to receive its clients.



Kayno is commited to invoice ordered goods under prices and conditions that applies when placing the order.

Indicated prices on Kamyno.fr may vary with no prior notice.

In case of any change, invoice price will always be the one indicated when the order was placed (article L.113-3-1,I of French Code de la consommation).

Prices are indicated in Euros, and free of tax, according the the French auto-entrepreneur applicable laws. This means that our clients are not subject to pay VAT.

Article prices do not include shipping costs, that are calculated and indicated when the order is placed, acording to the type and number of pieces ordered, and the shipping address.


#3-Payment mode

Our secured payment management is left to Paypal, that accepts most common types of credit cards, and other payment methods.

Paypal guaranties payment to the seller, and buyers retractation or cancelation.

It is reminded that Kamyno has no access at any moment to you account data, used to place your order. 

For mor detailed info on Paypal advantages: https://www.paypal.com/fr/webapps/mpp/pay-online


#4-Dispatch and delivery

We make everything posible to dispatch your order as fast as we can, usualy among 1 to 3 business days.

This period starts when we receive your payment confirmation from Paypal, that usualy take 1 or 2 buisiness days.

In case we can not respect this period, for instance when we are on buisiness travel, we inform you when you place your order.

If the proposed dispatch date does not suits your needs, and if you have already paid your order, we implement the cashback maximum 7 days after your confirmation.

When we dispatch your order, we send you an email with an estimation of delivery date, a link to track the delivery and tracking number.


#5-Retractation period

Starting the day the client receives his order, placed on Kamyno.fr, the client has a 14 days period to retract (article L. 121-21 of the French Code de la consommation).

This means the client has 14 days to communicate his rectractation decision to Kamyno, and send back the goods to the direction listed on # Legal mentions # section (article L. 121-21 al. 1 of French Code de la consommation).

Shipping costs are paid by the client (article L. 121-21-3 al. 2 of French Code de la consommation).

Kamyno is commited to implement the cashback before 14 days, starting when Kamyno is informed of the clients retractation, using the same payment method used to place the order (article L. 121-21-4 of French Code de la consommation).

This retractation delay does no apply to customized goods, munufactured to comply with specific clients needs (size, colors, etc.)


#6-Product return

Articles sold must be sent back in packaging conditions that guarantee good and secured transport. Product must be unused and in good conditions, so it can still be sold.


#7-Specificities of Kamyno handmade products

The nature of hand made products sold by Kamyno implies that some variations may occurs between two same products, without major impacts on their finality (colors, sizes, finitions, aspects, etc.)

Our products are handmade, and Kamyno can not be responsible for the indicative caracter of the pictures we use on Kamyno.fr to illustrate our products, or any other supports that will use our partners or service providers.

For all returns, applicable terms and conditions are detailed in the # Retractation period # section.


#8-Force majeure

Kamyno is not responsible of the non-execution or delays of its contiditions and terms in case of force majeure.

Is known as force majeure all exterior events, impredictible regarding the article 1148 of French Code civil.


#9-Competent court

All litigation relative to interpretation and execution of our general sales conditions and terms detailed on kamyno.fr are covered by French applicable laws.