One of the most known French knife, the Opinel, customized in Argentina, with exeptional sculpted deer antler stick. The perfect gift for knife lovers and pocketnife collectioners.

By the way, how do we customize our knives ?


Kamyno entrusted one of the greatest craftman to customize a small and exclusive pocketnife serie in Argentina. We hope you will have time to discover and apreciate the exeptional quality of his work. A long workshop day is required to customize each piece.


Our craftman first has the responsability to choose an apropriate piece of deer antler, that will determine the global shape for the stick. He must then carefully quit the collet and pull out the blade from the original Opinel wood stick.


He cuts the deer antler to required dimensions, and polish the exterior layer, brown and pearlized. We obtain a white and smooth antler. 


Then, the most crucial step, that generate a lot of scrap. He must cut the stick on the length size, to fit the Opinel blade, and carve the stick tip were must be fixed the blade and collet mecanism. This step is always realized before sculpting, because it can easily be damaged, so scraped.


According to the model required, our friend will burn the overall piece of antler with a blowtorch. The more he burns it, the more it comes brown. This enables to provide various tones of brown, from beige to dark, one the same piece.


The last step is sculpting, made with a small milling machine, and many tips sizes. The craftman puts is imagination at work, and lets appear the whiteness of the antler, taking off the brown layer obtained with the blowtorch. He can then use again the blow torch to give some more beige color to the piece.


Kamyno is very proud to present you this article today, hand made to the other world extremity by a great artist, that we associate to the legendary french Opinel knife.