Collection of Kamyno premium cotton hammocks, thick and comfortable cotton, fast to install, easy to carry, inside outside usage, washable.
Collection of Kamyno premium cotton hammocks, thick and comfortable cotton, fast to install, easy to carry, inside outside usage, washable.

✔ Thick cotton

 Resistant and comfortable

Exclusive colours

 Fast to install

✔ Easy to carry

 Standard and XL sizes

 Inside and outside usage

✔ Machine washable




STANDARD SIZE (Fabric 220 x 120 cm)

DOBLE SIZE (Fabric 240 x 160 cm)

Associated to well-being, rest and calm, hammocks are conceived to follow you everywhere, during the week, week end, hollydays, at any season.

Kamyno's Premium Hammocks® gets installed fast.They are light, easy to fold, not cumbersome, and practical to carry thanks to it's matching cover. They enable to relax, take a break, for indoor or outdoor activities, in the garden, on a balcony, close to the beach, fishing, etc.

The hammock comes with you for the week end, and comes back in your living, on pre-installed hooks.

So choose yours, they won't quit you.


We built this first hammock collection, faithful to Kamyno's spirit : keep the authentic, handicraft and nobless characteristics of the object, but modernize the "look", that we wished less "ethnique". We work on thick cotton fabrics, with original colours, plains, or with a large bunch of strips. Our Kamyno Premium Hammocks® are an exellent gift idea, original, for you, your familly and close friends. 


Kamyno's Premium Hammock® manufacturing


Our hammocks are representatives of the well known hammocks from Latin AmericaThey are carefully woven on old weaving looms, by indigenous populations, carrying these "savoir-faire" for centuries.

At the contrary of most commercialized hammocks, our Premium Hammocks® are made of "first quality" cotton, which means cotton of "first use", "not recycled ones". Our cotton guarantees comfort in any position, and an increased average life for each piece.

We chose to use thick braids for suspension, more resistants, that also better meet our esthetic criterias.

We propose two main sizes for our Kamyno's Premium Hammocks®, Standard and XL, this one accepting two persons in it. 

More than a beautiful accessory, our hammocks are practical, comfortables and lasting.


Hammock's fixing 


Many of our clients are already equiped with some ropes and hooks, so we sell fixing materials separately.

Between two trees, you would use 2 ropes and two hooks or equivalent. On extremity for the tree, the other one to be fixed on the hammock. Generally, 2x3 m are sufficients. Between two walls, you could use only 2 hooks, fixed in the wall. You can fix the hammock directly with the hooks, but also use some ropes.


Key parameters for hammock fixation are the distance between fixation points, and the fixation height. Those two parameters will determine the global shape of the hammock when you are in it. We propose bellow a "standard fixing table" to help you fixing correctly your hammock, with ropes or not. This table can of course be adapted to the position you prefer, more or less layed, but it gives you an idea. Once you have found your ideal position, just update this table, it will make you gain a lot of time when you will change hammock's place.





















Kamyno's Premium Hammocks® are made of thick and resistant cotton. Cotton tends to retract when not used for a long period. 

Using it for the first time, it is possible that the fabric dimensions appear smaller than indicated. No worry, after few hours using it, our cotton will get back to its initial dimensions.


It is recommanded to strickly respect the maximum load indicated for each hammock.

To get inside the hammock, first sit, then stretch out. Never get on foot first, to avoid falling and damge the fabric.




Bring the hammock in when not used is recommanded, even during summer, to preserve it from humidity, as you would do for any garden cushions. It also enables to protect it from dust and natural residues falling from trees. It is always more comfortable to rest in a clean hammock.

Kamyno's hammock must be stored dry, in a dry place, to avoid premature fabric wear.




Our hammocks can be machine washed, 30°C.

It is recommanded to link together the two fixing buckles, to avoid braids wear and muddle.


Hammock history in brief


Hammock's origins are uncertain, but it would come from the Caraïbes, from where it was imported to Mexico, two centuries before the first colonist arrival.

Hammock usage is very popular in the indigenous cultures of South America, especially nomad populations living in the tropical primary forests. Today they are still used a lot in Brazil, due to its low cost, and the very little space they require to be used. 

In 2002, 70% of the Brazilian population linving in the countryside where sleeping in a hammock.


Hammock was rapidly adopted by the Spanishs, XVI th century, as bedding in the Navy. It reduces the sea shake-up, requires little space, is light and installed fast. The French National Navy abandoned officialy the hammock as bedding in 1970, to develop more modern living spaces.  

In June 2017, Kamyno launches its first Premium Hammock serie®, willing to give it back its reputation, convinced it highly contributes the Men well-being.