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One of the most known clothing symbol associated to Polo and Argentina.
Our Polo leather belts can be worn during all seasons, and are suitable for both men and women.

+ Specificities : entierly hand-embroidered, our belts are made from the best argentinan leathers, thicks and supples. Strings are made of ultra-résistant polyester.
The "K" logo of the Kamyno brand discreetly features on the belt's tip.

+ Manufacturing : hand made in Argentina, in the Buenos Aires state.

+ Width: 35 mm.

BLUE BEIGE, Argentina Polo Belt, Cognac leather, Unisex

  • + Packaging : delivered on its individual blue gunny bag, and it's clasp lace. + Which size to choose ? Our polo belts are measured in centimeters, from the buckle's interior's tip less 1 cm, untill the middle hole. Distance between those 2 points constitute the "true" interior perimeter of your leather belt, so your size. To know your exact size, you should measure your own size where you use to wear your belts, or measure the same way your actual leather belt. If the polo belt fits you well, you have 2 holes margin on each side (2 for winter, and 2 for summer...)