Multi bunches Kamyno key rings are made of 12 leather strings, tightly braided, with no metallic part, but with an opening system made of a button and a buckle, useful and resistant.


Those leather key rings enable in an instant to add or withdraw key bunches, very useful when you have to manage keys for a flat, a house, a car, the office, a cellar, etc.


Delivered with 2 rings. Suitable for both men and women.


+ Specificities : 100% made of raw leather, braided and tinted with natural pigments. 

Materials and savoir-faire are characteristic of the Argentinian gauchos.

Each piece is tailor made for Kamyno.


+ Manufacturing : hande made in Argentina, in Buenos aires state.


+ Size : 7 cm approx.


+ Maintenance : raw leather can be cleaned just as ordinary saddlery. Give it back some life cleaning it when it requires, with a saddlery soap.

Obtain froth with water and soft rag, scrub the key ring with the froth, quit the froth, do it again until it is clean. Dry it with a clean rag.

Multi bunches key ring