Kamyno' selected for you the most traditional set of gaucho meat cutleries from Argentina (knife an fork), delivered in it's wood box. 
Ideal in the kitchen to cut thick pieces of meat, roastbeef, fowl, poultry, and also for your barbecue asado and its traditional T-bone.

+ Specificities : handles are made of cow bones, with endings made of wood and bronze.
The blade is made of reputed 1045 carbon steel, resistant and easy to sharp, with traditional "cribla" shape.
The knife comes with its traditional leather sheath.

+ Manufacturing : hand made in Argentina, in the Buenos Aires state.

+ Size : blade 18 cm - handle approx 13 cm - box 40 cm.

Cow bones - 18 cm blade - Meat cutlery

  • + CARBON STEEL UPKEEP : to last all life long, carbon steel requires some little care. To avoid steel oxydation : -Properly clean and dry the blade after using it. -Do not put a moist blade in the sheath. After first usage, the blade will tend to burnish, but will fast recover an homogeneous and beautiful aspect. It is one of the caracteristics of carbon steel, apreciated by knives lovers. Always use the blade on a supple material (wood mainly). Never on a ceramic plate, glass, marble, etc. As any knife, it would loose quickly it's sharpness.