Kamyno cowhide rugs will bring warmth and colours in your interior, and a mix of countryside and modern touch.

You receive the skin on the picture.
Take an instant to read the section "What must you know about Kamyno cowhide rugs" on the product landing page.

+ Specificities : our cowhide rugs are selected for their rarity and "exotic" aspect. Leather is supple and resistant, hair is shining and short. They liberate a light and subtle leather smell.
Our tan quality insures that your cowhide won't loose its hairs.

+ Manufacturing : handmade in Argentina, in the Cordoba state.

+ Total length 187 cm
+ Central length 144 cm
+ Total width 181 cm
+ Central width 144 cm

P10- 2,88 m2 Beige

  • + Maintaining : no particular maintenance is required. Hairs naturaly reject the dust, but you can use a vacuum cleaner if necesary. Our cowhides can be cleaned easily in case of dirt (wine, food, etc.), because hairs do not absorb liquids (apart hair dye...). Use natural soap, rag and water. Rinse and soak up.