Light beige tone, an elegant must have for your living deco or in your room, caracteristic of argentinian lifestyle.

+ Specificities : we selected this skin quality for the density of the whool, and also because the original color was preserved (our skins are not tinted in white).

+ Manufacturing : hand made in Argentina, in the Entre Rios State.

+ Size : aproximately 95x55 cm.

Sheep skin

  • + Unique pieces : as suggested by the product nature, our sheep skins are unique pièces. Size and aspect might vary from a piece to another. You will receive a product close to what is indicated. + Cleaning : the whool naturaly reject the dust, but you can still use the vaccum once a year. For any stain, our sheep skins can be washed with tepid water and a detergent adapted to whool. Rinse abundantly and let it dry on free air. Once dry, do not hesitate to use a brush to give it back its volume and homogeneity. Avoid using washing machine, mangle or dryer...