Tyvek passport holder are original products, useful and coloured, extremely resistant, suitable for any person apreciating unexpected objects.

These Tyvek paper passport case do not replace a leather master piece, but are as useful, thiner, lighter, economic, and above all more fun.

Manufactered following the origami principles, these Tyvek paper passport holder have 4 additional compartments, for notes, plane tickets, maps and much more.

Ultra resistant and almost tear-proof, these Tyvek paper wallet are water-proof and 100% recyclable.

By the way, what is Tyvek paper ?


Tyvek paper was deiscovered in 1955 by Jim White, in Du Pont de Nemours laboratory.

This brand was patented in 1965.

Tyvek is a non-woven fabric, made of pure polyethylen high density filaments, ideal for any aplication where durability and tear resistance are essentials.


Due to its unique physical properties, it is used in many different ways, as for instance :

work of art protection, bank bills, disposable clothes, industrial packaging, advertising banners, maps, documents, wallets and more...



Tyvek® is 100 % recyclable, just as plastic bottles.



Tyvek® is conceived to be used under extreme, tough and diffucult conditions.

No matters if it exposed to water, heat, and prolonged usage, Tyvek paper is tear resistant.

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